About Stock Shop

Over 35 years of retail therapy

 The Mitzman family started Stock Shop back in 1988. With the first hospital location in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge; the first hospital in the UK to offer a mall-like shopping experience. Since then, we have served in NHS hospitals for over 35 years and now run 25 stores throughout the UK.

 “The service we offer in NHS hospitals is completely unique – retail therapy in the true sense of the word – providing a welcome relief  and a slice of normality in what can often be a stressful environment.”

 This website exists so that you can always enjoy a bit of retail therapy, no matter where you are.  We carefully select the best quality and most stylish garments to create collections with colours for every mood and a fresh look for every occasion.

Our goal is to offer you a shopping experience that is stress-free and therapeutic.